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Poker's Five Card Stud

Interested in playing poker but confused? Don't know why in some games most cards are dealt face down while in others, some are dealt face up and some are not. Don't know what's the difference among all these?

Poker has many different forms. However, all these could be divided into two main forms namely, draw poker or closed poker, and the second form is stud poker or open poker. The basic difference of these two forms is that in draw poker all of the player's five cards is dealt face down. While in stud poker, either one or more cards are dealt face down and the rest of his cards are dealt face up.

Aside from these two forms, these two can be sub-divided into several more forms of poker. Of these forms, one of the most commonly played is five card stud.

Five card stud is, as the name suggests, a form of stud poker. There can be two to ten players for each deal. It is sometimes considered to have at the most fourteen players. This is under the assumption that several players will fold during the game so as not to run out of cards from the deck. Ten then is the safest maximum number of players for the game.

In five card stud, the players don't need an ante. The dealer distributes the cards to the players. He first gives each player a face down card which is called the hole. Then, a face up card is dealt to all the players. After all face up cards are given, betting begins.

For the first round of betting, the player to bet first is with the highest card face up on the table. To start the pot, the player should bet the amount agreed upon by all at the table. After this first round of betting, the first bettor may check and same with the other players. Of course, if someone makes a bet, a check cannot be made.

Once all bets are in for the first round of betting, the dealer will distribute another set of cards to the players still in the game. All cards will be dealt face up. The first bettor for this round is still the player with the highest possible combination based on his face up cards. And then, another round of betting resumes.

The dealer will give the third face up card to the players still in the game. The players place their bets. For the last round of betting, the dealer distributes the last face up card and all bets will be put in.

After the last bets have been placed in, all active players should show their hole cards or face down cards. The player with the best hand wins the pot. In addition, if all the players except one player folds or drops their cards, the remaining player automatically wins the pot without showing his hole card. Also, if a player folds his cards, he should turn down all his cards.

As to what form of poker you select to play is really dependent on how many experienced, or rather, inexperienced players are present at the table. Five card stud is a great form of poker for beginners and advanced poker players. It's simple and easy to pick up.

Don't be intimidated if you seem confused as to the many forms of poker out there. Poker is pretty much a game for everyone. Familiarize yourself with the various forms then you can find your niche.

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