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Developing Starting No-limit Poker Hands

No-limit poker hands should be developed from starting hands to playing hands. Here are some typical poker hands found in actual plays and tips on how to develop them into winning no-limit poker hands.

Let's start with pocket pairs, like top pairs of AA and KK, for instance. We may treat them as over-pairs, actually. If we chance upon perfect hits of sets with them, then many players may be paying us off - especially in the case when the board has A87. It's seldom that someone else will also have a top pair for a no-limit poker hand like ours here. Remember, we have 2 aces, the board has one, and therefore another one is likely in the deck. That's card counting for us. Thus, we become more confident that ours is possibly the strongest no-limit poker hand around.

If we hold high non-pair hands like AK and AQ for instance, we may play and develop them into top pairs. Once we hit a straight with such no-limit poker hands it would be super. Top pairs developed like this are common no-limit poker hands. For instance, we have a a small pocket pair as a starting hand - say, 3 and 3. Or 7 and 7. Or 6 and 6. We must chance upon the flop giving us some over-cards or help us form a set from these small pocket pairs for our no-limit poker hands. Developing them thus will end up in strong playing hands. Or, if the flop should reveal poor cards, possibly, weak playing hands.

Suited connectors keep us aware of our position in the pot. Depending on the table situation and the hands of other players, suited connectors as no-limit poker hands can either make us a weak or strong player. As a strong player, our position in the pot improves. As a weak player with suited connectors, we stand in danger of losing any play in the pot. We must remember that as hand rank improves risks and pots also improves in the process. Very poor no-limit poker hands may not pay off, but neither will it win a pot - unless we bluff so good.

High pairs and over-pairs should be studied well as no-limit poker hands. They are not that strong to make many hand types fold or beat them. Middle paired hands are unlikely to call us down with considerable bets - they will perhaps if we seem to be bluffing. But most of the time, high pairs pay off to stronger no-limit poker hands.

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