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Joe Tehan Chooses Poker Over a Real Job

Joe Tehan is a person that any parent would want to have because he did not only obtain a bachelor's degree in economics, but he also obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration. However, we just don't know if parents would still want to have someone like him as a son if they would find out that he opted not to use his educational attainment to earn a living. Instead, Joe Tehan decided to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada from New York in order to become a poker professional.

Born in Utica, New York on September 15, Joe Tehan is a guy who was actually exposed to poker at an early age but was not yet very much interested in the game at that time. During his early years, what he really wanted was to simply have a good educational background. However, poker became a hobby during his college years. He practiced the game by playing low limits with his friends all the time until he soon found himself visiting casinos more and more frequently to play games of higher stakes. He and his friends frequently visited the Turning Stone Casino in New York to hone their skills. He was so in love of the game that after obtaining his Master's degree in Business Administration, he decided to become a poker professional, moving to Las Vegas to join cash games and major tournaments.

Joe Tehan has been performing well as a poker professional since 2005 but his major victory transpired on June 8, 2006 when he won at the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship. Such championship was held during the fifth season of the World Poker Tour. The event he participated in was a No Limit Hold'em game and the poker professional that he defeated was Burt Boutin. The grand prize money that was awarded to him was US$1,033,440. What made such victory a very memorable one is the fact that it happened on the birthday of his late mother. Since then, Joe Tehan has started to prioritize being a tournament poker professional.

Prior to winning at the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship on June 8, 2006, Joe Tehan already experienced a number of victories from his participation in such poker events as the Five Star World Poker Classic of the World Poker Tour, the Heavenly Hold'em event, the No Limit Hold'em Summer Series, the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic of the World Poker Tour, the Los Angeles Poker Classic of the World Poker Tour, the Mirage Poker Showdown of the World Poker Tour, and the World Poker Challenge of the World Poker Tour.

And after Joe Tehan's victory in June 2006, he has continued to participate in numerous tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the Ultimate Poker Challenge.

The successes of this poker professional do not affect him in such a way that he becomes boastful. This poker professional has remained humble despite his triumphs, always saying that he wins merely because of pure luck.

This poker professional has other interests, too, apart from playing poker. He is also into playing board games and golf. But more than anything else, Joe Tehan just loves spending time with his family.

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