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Mark Newhouse: A Successful Shift from Online to Live Poker Games

Most professional poker players hone their poker skills by joining numerous live poker events, while there are some who learn poker through online games as they eventually become recognized as professional online poker players. But there are a few players who augment their skills by playing online poker as they move their way up by joining live poker games.

The latter scenario is very applicable to Mark Newhouse. He was first hooked into playing poker on the Internet for a couple of years before finally deciding to venture into live poker events. But prior to being an online poker player, Mark Newhouse was already playing poker with his family when he was only eighteen years old. He used to compete with the members of his family in their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His brother was also one of the reasons why he pursued a career in poker. His brother saw his potential as a poker player and encouraged him to improve his skills. And so, Mark Newhouse purchased books about poker, read everything there was to know about the game, and started to practice playing it on the Internet.

Mark Newhouse got very interested in playing online poker because of the fact that it was allowing him to earn more money than he could think of. And after a couple of years, he came to a decision that he would want to pursue a career as a full-time professional poker player. He was only twenty one years old when he participated in a World Series of Poker game for the very first time.

It was on July 15, 2006 when Mark Newhouse competed in a Limit Hold'em game at the 37th Annual World Series of Poker. This new professional poker player surprised his opponents as well as the other poker players and fans watching the event as he emerged as the fifth placer. He was given the chance to earn US$56,470 from such event.

On September 19, 2006, Mark Newhouse realized what true victory really means. At the 4th Borgata Poker Open tournament of the World Poker Tour, this professional poker player joined a No Limit Hold'em Championship event. This was also the time when his fellow professional poker players and poker fans realized that Mark Newhouse is one talented poker player. He won first prize and US$1,519,020. Furthermore, he left his opponents in awe with such victory. Among his opponents were Chris Bell, Anthony Argila, Blaise Ingoglia, Chris McCormack, and David Sklansky. With such success, he was recognized as the second youngest professional poker player to emerge victorious in a World Poker Tour Championship.

Mark Newhouse also reached the final tables in such events as the North American Poker Championships of the World Poker Tour and the 38th Annual World Series of Poker.

With the victories that he has been achieving, Mark Newhouse definitely has no intentions of abandoning a successful career that he has started.

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